Tuesday, December 18, 2007


These are the study and the final artwork I made for Unichef's Print Ad published on Metro Wedding Magazine. I like the green one but the client opted to use the magenta ad. I handled Unichef's account for a few years. I also designed their brochures, flyers and banners. Ms. Kay, one of the owners of Unichefs knows what she really wanted whenever she'll ask us to design something for her. She already have a picture of how she want it to come about. Sometimes that's difficult if it doesn't complement the designer's style but I believe that one of the goals of the designer is to make its client feel good and be satisfied. So far, I never had a big conflict with clients in terms of their taste and mine.

The first time I went to Unichef's Teresa Hall was for the wedding reception of my dear friends ate Bams & kuya Alex. All I can say is, they serve good food and that's an understatement.


Nicole said...

I agree! Uni-Chef's does serve the most amazing food! I'm a balikbayan from the U.S., my tita had her golden anniversary in San Fernando and as usual we opted to have Uni-Chefs cater our event, Ms. Kay really makes it so easy for your event, she's like the wedding planner!

I really like the Grilled Korean Chicken.

BTW, I agree, i like the green one. But both of your artworks are beautiful, I should ask for you the next time we have an event so you could design our invitations or backdrop.

Ryan Roberto said...

Thanks Nicole, just tonight I went to Unichefs and the Grilled Korean Chicken was served. I really like it too...yummy!

I appreciate it a lot when people leave their comments, so I thank you for taking time to post one.

Tanya said...

I like also the green one. BTW, we're celebrating our JS on Feb 18, 2010 and we opted to have Unichef. Hope to have a great time there! I'm so excited.