Saturday, August 18, 2012

Galal Art Exhibit Opening Night

Galal Art Exhibit Opening Night
August 18, 2012

Kaleidoscope is an instrument where one can view different patterns of colors & shape. But despite its beauty, only one person can see it at a time; you can’t share what you see with others. Sometimes, that is the case for our local artists. What is art if it can’t be shared? What is a message if it can’t be communicated? The Galal Art Exhibit simply wants to do that; to share the artworks of our Kapampangan artist to the public. The exhibit hopes to give a platform to up & coming kapampangan artists and to become a showcase of what the local art scene is.

The exhibit features 15 Kapampangan Artists who strive to establish their respective careers in the Arts. Their works are done in oil, acrylic, water color & mixed media using various styles and techniques. The Prin couple paints nature in impressionist style, the Pererras siblings; Eduardo, Eliseo, Eric & Edu, work on presenting daily grind in cubism & realism. On the other hand Aries Tiglao’s works represents local scene with stylized objects in clean & flat colors while Jonathan Castro’s works are conceptual using religious icons in an unconventional way. Other featured artists are: Nick Cunan, Arnel Garcia, Pat Mendoza, Joseph Prin, Nards Tulabut, Ner Vitug and Jojoy Zabala.

The Galal Art Exhibit is presented by Arts Design Library together with Galal Art Promotion Center, an organization founded by Mr.& Mrs. Rem Prin to assist kapampangan artists and promote their works.

The exhibit will run from August 18-Sept. 18 2012 at the Arts & Design Library, Unit 204, 2F, Brickyard Arcade, Greenfields Square, Greenfields, Sindalan City of San Fernando.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Photoshop for Beginners Workshop

Photoshop for Beginners Workshop

Learn Photoshop in a simple & easy way! 

September 8, 2012
Registration Fee: P950.00 (50% Reservation 50% upon start of class)
EARLY BIRD Registration: P750.00 (on or before August 25, 2012)
Session: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Only 12 slots available | First come first serve
Students must bring their own laptop with adobe softwares 

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe Systems. Photoshop has been a useful tool for graphic designers to create artwork conveniently and aesthetically. (wikipedia) It can be used to edit photos, compose designs and create lay-outs.

About the Instructor:
Anne Cruz
Anne Cruz is a graduate of AB Communications at the Angeles University Foundation. She took her internship at Jimenez Basic, one of the top advertising agencies in the Philippines. She founded Tees4u, an urban graphic lifestyle merchandising store while she is taking further studies in fashion & graphic design at the School of Fashion and the Arts in Makati. She is currently working as Graphics Designer at Elcell a British company in Clark. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

ADLIB Collection

What's on the Shelves of Adlib?

ADLIB is a studio, gallery & workshop that seeks to empower designers and aspiring creatives by providing workspace, exhibit venue and training center. It is a space where young artists & designers are discovered and developed to make a difference in the society.

A space for designers by designers is the simple concept behind the Arts & Design Library. We are surrounded by arts & design. It is everywhere. Clothes are scupltures made from fabric, houses are livable installations, the sky is an abstract painting in the atmosphere, rainbow is a color pallete above and the streets are graphic design leading us to our destination. It is the Arts & Design Library’s pleasure to open its door to young aspiring creatives helping them see the world as a great piece of art made by a Wonderful Designer.

STUDIO SHARING - Ideal space for freelancers & students in meeting clients or finishing projects. The studio has a Library that contains magazines, books, portfolio & catalogues on arts & design. Internet connection is also available to keep members on line to do further research & communicate with their clients. 

GALLERY - A launch pad for young creatives. It is an exhibit venue for artists, designers and photographers.  

WORKSHOP - Training center of arts & designs. It offers workshop on Graphic Design, Web Design & Photography. 


A collection of books on Logo, Print & Typography Design:
● The Big Book of Logos
● Great Graphic Design on A Budget
● Type Specific

Enjoy & get inspiration from these art books, catalogues & folio:
● Pitik Bulag
● Graphika Manila 2012 Book
● Sardinas Advertising Student Folio 2010
● DM-Designs in Missions
● 2009 Cannes Lion Advertising Catalogue

● Guide to Digital Photography

Here are some  available local & interntaional titles:
● HOW Magazine
● PRINT Magazine
● ADOBO Magazine
● Contemporary Art
● Digital Photography Philippines

The Arts & Design Library (ADLIB) accepts
book donations. Kindly contact Ryan for more details.

AdManage Ad Agency Launch

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Digital Caricatures Workshop

Illustrating Digital Caricatures Workshop
September 29, 2012

Registration Fee: P1,500.00
Early Bird: P1,250.00 ( register on or before September 8, 2012)

Course Description:
Illustrating Digital Caricatures is a course that focuses on the art of caricature from live to studio work. The students will acquire fundamental illustration skills and become familiar with principal areas within the field. This course will also show students how to identify and capture the key features of a subject in order to create polished caricatures that will both entertain and impress.

Course Objectives:
  • Learn how to produce detailed illustration of the human face and body
  • Develop skills in digital airbrushing and shading techniques
  • Learn how to emphasize key features of the subject

Course Prerequisites:

  • Students must have basic photoshop and/or illustrator skills
  • Students must bring their own laptops with adobe softwares

Instructor: Jane Michelle Dizon

About the Instructor:
The instructor is a holder of a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and Design. She earned the degree in 2008 at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines. Right after graduation, she landed a home-based job with The Perfect White Shirt where most of her designs proved as best sellers. She was with The Perfect White Shirt until late 2011. Colorarilly, almost after accepting the job at The Perfect White Shirt, she applied for a regular day job at Adworks in Angeles City and was accepted as a Junior Graphics Designer. A year later, Adworks ventured into another design field and put up Milestones Invitations. After only another year, she was promoted to Senior Designer because her designs were already making waves in the industry. It was during this time that her works caught the attention of Wedding Essentials Magazine, which featured some of her popular designs. A greener opportunity presented itself in early 2012. Elcell, a British company engaged in the manufacture of high-end electronic accessories., was hiring designers for its global market. In February 2012, she was hired full time Graphics Designer and holds the job up to the present time.