Friday, December 21, 2007

Adworks 10 Series

For this one I used a paint brush and a CD to form the number "10". The copy is " 10 Years of Digital Fine Art".

Adworks 10 Series

I was commissioned to do the creatives of Adworks (JMC Advertising Works) for the celebration of its 10th year in the advertising industry. I created a series of ads base from the number 10. I used objects that are found in advertsing to form the number 10. Though it had been used many times the concept still served its purpose. For this one I used a pencil and a mouse. A copy; "10 Years of Combining Creativity with Technology" was added to support the idea. Adworks logo was also revised. From the arial black font, I came up with a simple small letter "a" impact font and was made to look pixelize to suggest the digital edge of the company.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


These are the study and the final artwork I made for Unichef's Print Ad published on Metro Wedding Magazine. I like the green one but the client opted to use the magenta ad. I handled Unichef's account for a few years. I also designed their brochures, flyers and banners. Ms. Kay, one of the owners of Unichefs knows what she really wanted whenever she'll ask us to design something for her. She already have a picture of how she want it to come about. Sometimes that's difficult if it doesn't complement the designer's style but I believe that one of the goals of the designer is to make its client feel good and be satisfied. So far, I never had a big conflict with clients in terms of their taste and mine.

The first time I went to Unichef's Teresa Hall was for the wedding reception of my dear friends ate Bams & kuya Alex. All I can say is, they serve good food and that's an understatement.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Weddings & the City

Published on the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Weddings in the City is one of the few print ads I did that make it to national broadsheets and magazines. It was a three-day bridal fair held in Batis Azul in Angeles City were our advertising agency participated in. The church in the ad is the Holy Rosary Parish, built by the Augustinians, the church has a long history. It served as headquarters for the Americans during the 2nd World War. This design was also used for posters and for their other print collaterals. (I don't know what happen but this is supposed to be sepia tone)

Kings Royal & MTCMC

TOP: These are 30 x 50 ft billboards installed in the City of San Fernando Intersection (The overpass reminds me of Tandang Sora).If you're coming from the NLEX you will see the Kings Royal Billboard. Aside from the lay-out I also made the copy for this one, "Fit for Royalty". Sometimes we have to work not only as graphic designer but as copy writer as well.

BOTTOM: This is a new hospital in the City of San Fernando. I also made the copy for this one; "Trust the Hands of Compassion". I capitalize on the fact that Mother Teresa is known as the mother of compassion.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Armando's Pizza

House specialty of the historic Camalig Restaurant in Angeles City, Armandos Pizza is dubbed as the "Pambansang Pizza" by the local folks in the city. They offer thin crust pizzas with international and local flavors. I made this round and rotating menu to make dining at Camalig more interesting. I die-cut a pizza slice shape and when rotated the different pizza flavors appeared in the menu. The first time I dine at Camalig and taste Armando's Pizza was for their Pizza Eating Contest where my officemate Reuben joined to defend the title he won last year as the fastest pizza eater in Angeles City. I found the crust a bit hard and so thin, the sauce was good though. I think what makes Camalig interesting is its ambiance, there's a good nostalgic feeling when you enter the old rice canary. By the way you can't experience rotating the menu I did for camalig, they're using a jackted menu instead.


This is the postcard I made for Chef Jill Sandique of Delize. I think she really is a great pastry chef. Judging it from the pictures, her cakes are intricately made and well presented. Look at that fruit tart, see how the fruit slices were perfectly arranged and finished with some gloss? A great treat for my sweet tooth!

Something Borrowed

Owned by caterer Joy Cruz and fashion designer Rosette Biag, Something Borrowed is a gown rental shop in Quezon City. I think they are best friends. I was asked to design a flyer that they can also use as a print ad and a callingcard. The copy was provided by the two which I think is very intelligent; "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something you!". The pictures are provided by the fashion designer. All I have to do is to put them all together in perfect harmony.

Grand Palazzo Royale

Grand Palazzo Royale (GPR) is one of the grandest banquet halls in Pampanga. Inspired by Victorian design it's best for wedding receptions. I did a lot of material for GPR; a couple of billboards, brochure, folders among others. My dear cousin ate Lot-lot had her wedding reception here. I did some of the preparation for her since she is base in Canada one of which is booking the reception hall and even took a 2 day leave just to be her personal assistant.I'm glad GPR didn't let me down. My auntie who attended the wedding as a principal sponsor had her silver wedding there too. Jona said GPR is a dream wedding; perfect for a Cinderella theme wedding. You can visit their website at

Orbis Flying Hospital

A few years back the Orbis Flying Hospital landed in Clark. They do medical missions and gives free eye check ups and operations. I was fortunate enough to handle their account for a company folder and postcard. The client was very impress by the quality and quick service of our agency. It's so flattering to be appreciated by a foreigner. But don't get me wrong, it just makes you proud that you can be world class. For a year we've been shipping this folder to New York.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sulo Native Lampshades

This one I made for my brother for his graduation requirements. One of his school requirements is to create corporate identity collaterals for his made up company. His company Sulo manufactures and sells native lampshades made of found woods and canvas. The lampshade is actually produce by Eyo a church worker in Paombong Bulacan. I'm not sure if he got a high grade for this project nonetheless he graduated last October 2006.

Sound Stage

I was commissioned to create a new logo for Soundstage, a music bar in Antipolo. Designing a new logo that will replace the existing one is a different challenge. The old logo was given heavy consideration for the project as a reference point for the client wanted to upgrade the image of the music bar since they have been in the business since the early 90s. The pressure to make it better than the old one is there but since the client is very hands on in the designing process we were able to give what they wanted. For a couple of weeks Ms. Kathy will visit the office all the way from Rizal to Angeles to personally check the design and make necessary revisions. They chose the first study on the left. They wanted to put an electric guitar in the logo to give it a modern feel.

Delize Stationary

Using the existing logo of Delize we designed its letterhead, envelope and callingcard. Delize is owned by Chef Jill Sandique who hosts a cooking show in channel 7. We also designed her menu, and cake boxes. She's such a personality, very bubbly and nice to work with. One of the kindest clients I had.


This is my first international work done in 2005. This is for a company base in Malaysia with Filipino partners; a cookie kiosk to be put in a large mall in Malaysia. The mascot in this logo is designed by Neil a new artist during that time, who is an excellent illustrator. He did a lot of illustration for this project including the map of the Cookieland which we use as placemats and paper bag. The client like the eyes of the mascot very much that he wanted the eyes to be in almost all of the collaterals. We first find the mascot to be very reminiscent of the M&M characters though but it works!

Centro Fidei School

I came up with 4 studies for this account; a newly opened private school in Angeles City.
The approved logo design is the one on the top. Fidei is latin word meaning faith. The logo is a shape of a shield representing faith and over it are silhouettes of children to stress the learners centered of the institution.

Serenity Health Spa

Another Logo design during my rookie year in advertising. This is for a spa in Balanga Bataan. I'm handling 2 accounts from this area and coincidentally from rival companies. I'm just glad they never got to be at the office for presentation at the same time.

The client chose the green one on the right. A good choice I think since I find the other three looks more for a sanitary napkin or a female wash than for a spa.

Peking Tea House

Will I blog or multipy?

I wanted to create an on-line portfolio for my design works, whether to do it as a blog or a mulitply is something I really have to think about but obviosly I finally came to a decision. I chose to do it the blog way to share not only my artworks but to share stories behind them; something that might interest those who will see my works.

On top is my first professional corporate identity work. It is for a chinese restaurant in Angeles City in Pampanga. Being new in the advertising agency, I'm really not sure yet of how things are done. For this one I made 17 studies to the surprise of our boss who also serves as creative director who expects only 3 studies. Thats not flattering though considering that can be a waste of time but a good practice though. Up to now I still consider this as one of the best logo designs I ever did.