Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Armando's Pizza

House specialty of the historic Camalig Restaurant in Angeles City, Armandos Pizza is dubbed as the "Pambansang Pizza" by the local folks in the city. They offer thin crust pizzas with international and local flavors. I made this round and rotating menu to make dining at Camalig more interesting. I die-cut a pizza slice shape and when rotated the different pizza flavors appeared in the menu. The first time I dine at Camalig and taste Armando's Pizza was for their Pizza Eating Contest where my officemate Reuben joined to defend the title he won last year as the fastest pizza eater in Angeles City. I found the crust a bit hard and so thin, the sauce was good though. I think what makes Camalig interesting is its ambiance, there's a good nostalgic feeling when you enter the old rice canary. By the way you can't experience rotating the menu I did for camalig, they're using a jackted menu instead.

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