Monday, December 10, 2007

Peking Tea House

Will I blog or multipy?

I wanted to create an on-line portfolio for my design works, whether to do it as a blog or a mulitply is something I really have to think about but obviosly I finally came to a decision. I chose to do it the blog way to share not only my artworks but to share stories behind them; something that might interest those who will see my works.

On top is my first professional corporate identity work. It is for a chinese restaurant in Angeles City in Pampanga. Being new in the advertising agency, I'm really not sure yet of how things are done. For this one I made 17 studies to the surprise of our boss who also serves as creative director who expects only 3 studies. Thats not flattering though considering that can be a waste of time but a good practice though. Up to now I still consider this as one of the best logo designs I ever did.

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