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Trail Tales 7-Bolinao, Pangasinan

 I was invited by my dear friend ate Rynj of the Translators Association of the Philippines to attend the Bible Dedication of the Bolinao Bible. I haven’t witness a Bible Dedication before so I grabbed this once in a life time opportunity of seeing the fruit of the many years of hardwork & dedication in translating the Bible in the Bolinao language. The Bible Dedication was attended by various churches, religious organizations & local government in celebration of the publishing of the Bible in their native Language.

Bolinao, is a town in Pangasinan who has its own language shared with only another town Anda.  It is is a 5 hour drive from Pampanga but the long drive is worth the hour. It’s a coastal town with fishing & tourism as major industry. The white-sand beaches are breathtaking, the waterfalls are simply amazing and its caves mystical.

On top of the mountain is a light house, it is one of the tallest light houses in the Philippines, second to the spanish lighthouse in Ilocos Norte. The church in the plaza is also one of the oldest in the country.

It is just simply a Wow in Bolinao!

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