Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bohol Road Trip Part 2

The Bohol Road Trip Continues...

My second day in Bohol was full packed. We started early in the morning and visited the famous Bohol Landmark; the Sandugo Monument. The first peace treaty made by the Philippines with a foreigner was held in Bohol, between Datu Sikatuna & Miguel Lopez de Legazpi of Spain through a blood compact. Every year Bohol celebrates the Sandugo Festival to commemorate this event. After a short stop in the monument we proceeded to Bacleon Church-one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. The convent annex to the church was made into a school & a museum. The museum contains rare religios relics with gold accents & precious stones.

Along the way we noticed another Sandugo Site. It is believed that this is the actual site where the blood compact happened because of the presence of a well found in the area as described in some historical accounts. We were made to wear some costumes and took some pictures before leaving for the Tarsier Sanctuary where we will meet this fist-size primate. After some picture taking with the Tarsier we passed by Loboc; famous for its River and Children’s Choir and the Man-Made Forest to get to Carmen to see the Chocolate Hills. Though the hills are spread out in other towns of Bohol they are mostly concentrated in Carmen. Almost uniform in size & shapes, the Chocolate Hills are trully a natural wonder. My 2nd day Road Trip ended in Punta Cruz where one can find a triangular watch tower oversees the seas South of Bohol and gives an excellent view of the neighboring islands of Bohol.

Bohol Road Trip Part 1

Bohol is one of my dream destinations. I was always fascinated by this charming island in the Visayas. It was divine intervention that my professor in my masteral studies assigned me to write about and design a catalogue for  Wee-Wee Seloterio’s Solo Exhibit in CCP. Ate Wee as I call her is an artist based in Bohol. She had been inviting me to visit their place and finally in 2009, I was able to fulfill one of my dream destinations.

Ate Wee along with her family hosted me in Tagbilaran and toured me around the island, road trip style. Riding in their 4x4 SUV, we went from one tourist destination to another. Our first stop was the Dauis Church. The architecture was gothic as characterized by pointed towers and windows. What’s fascinating about this church is the fresh water spring inside, being near the sea, it is unusual to have such. People say, this water has miraculous power. Afterwhich, we went to the Hinagdanan Cave, where one can see an small underground lagoon.
Our next stop was the Bohol Bee Farm. Nestled in lush forest, it was amazing to see this resort at the cliff with the view of the wide sea. Serving organic salads and other dishes, Bohol Bee Farm is a beautiful place for honymooners-private, quiet & secluded.

Our last stop for that day was the Panglao Islands. It’s clear blue water and powdery white sand are the perfect ways to end my first day of Road Trip in Bohol.

Day 2-to be continued...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

CO2 wins Ligligan Parul Pitch

CO2’s Symphony of Lights Campaign for Ligligan Parul Wins
Student Advertising Agency CO2 got the nods of the guest expert-Mr. Eyds Carreon-Copy Writer of Publicis Jimenez Basic and of the Client-Ms. Ching Pangilinan of the City of San Fernando Tourism Office at the Ligligan Parul Pitch held last October 16, 2012. CO2 is composed of Xai Mallari-Creative Director, Trixia Jimenez-Art Director, Ariza Adoptante-Copy Writer, Lei Lusung & Yael Malabanan-Account Executives & Hubert Del Pilar-Design Consultant.The pitch was participated by 4 more student advertising agencies of the AdManage course of the Holy Angel University namely: Ad-Ons, Lemondrops, Planet Bulb & Parade. The agencies presented a tri-media campaign for the Ligligan Parul-Gian Lantern Festival 2012. CO2  presented a campaign focusing on the idea “Symphony of Lights”-were they show an Orchestra of gian lanterns lead by a music conductor. CO2 won Best TVC and Best Presentor for Lei Lusung, while Planet Bulb got the Best Radio Commercial and Parade won Best Print Ads.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Catch Up Night-Boys' Night Out

Catch Up Night
Capampangan Island Grill
Sept 29, 2012

The September Catch Up Night tuned out to be an ALL BOYS NIGHT OUT! We celebrated KG & Dos’ employments as GVFM Program Director & Kapampangan Center Media Artist respectatively as well as Lean’s birthday. Singing our hearts out and filling our selves with good food and meaning conversations the Catch Up Night Boys might be on air soon!

KG-GVFM Program Director
Dos-Kapampangan Center Multimedia Artist

Happy Birthday!
Lean-Sept. 23

'till the next Catch Up Night!

ADMAR Luncheon & Awarding

ADMAR Luncheon & Awarding

The ADMAR Luncheon & Awarding was held last September 27, 2012 at Toll House. The luncheon & awarding were conducted to acknowledge and reward the effort of the class for the successful marketing day. The casual lunch also served as bonding time among students and the instructor.

Here are the awardees:
TOP Grosser-Confections
Organizational Development Award-FiFo

Product Development Award-Sweet Flix
Leadership Award-Dhey Yalung of FiFo

Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Digital Caricature Workshop

Caricature 101

The Digital Caricature Workshop was held last September 29, 2012 with Jamie Dizon as instructor and attended by 3 students: Lash, Mye & Carlo. The first part of the workshop was a step by step guide in illustrating digital caricatures. Jamie did an actual demonstration showing each step in transforming the portrait of Rachel Weisz into a caricature. She started doing the face, then the body and lastly fitting the illustration into a background for better presentation. The second part of the workshop was the project time wherein each student has to create their own digital caricatures with the guidance of the instructor. The workshop ended with a simple recognition rites, awarding the students with certificates & a class picture as a souvenir.