Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bohol Road Trip Part 1

Bohol is one of my dream destinations. I was always fascinated by this charming island in the Visayas. It was divine intervention that my professor in my masteral studies assigned me to write about and design a catalogue for  Wee-Wee Seloterio’s Solo Exhibit in CCP. Ate Wee as I call her is an artist based in Bohol. She had been inviting me to visit their place and finally in 2009, I was able to fulfill one of my dream destinations.

Ate Wee along with her family hosted me in Tagbilaran and toured me around the island, road trip style. Riding in their 4x4 SUV, we went from one tourist destination to another. Our first stop was the Dauis Church. The architecture was gothic as characterized by pointed towers and windows. What’s fascinating about this church is the fresh water spring inside, being near the sea, it is unusual to have such. People say, this water has miraculous power. Afterwhich, we went to the Hinagdanan Cave, where one can see an small underground lagoon.
Our next stop was the Bohol Bee Farm. Nestled in lush forest, it was amazing to see this resort at the cliff with the view of the wide sea. Serving organic salads and other dishes, Bohol Bee Farm is a beautiful place for honymooners-private, quiet & secluded.

Our last stop for that day was the Panglao Islands. It’s clear blue water and powdery white sand are the perfect ways to end my first day of Road Trip in Bohol.

Day 2-to be continued...

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