Thursday, August 9, 2012

ADLIB Collection

What's on the Shelves of Adlib?

ADLIB is a studio, gallery & workshop that seeks to empower designers and aspiring creatives by providing workspace, exhibit venue and training center. It is a space where young artists & designers are discovered and developed to make a difference in the society.

A space for designers by designers is the simple concept behind the Arts & Design Library. We are surrounded by arts & design. It is everywhere. Clothes are scupltures made from fabric, houses are livable installations, the sky is an abstract painting in the atmosphere, rainbow is a color pallete above and the streets are graphic design leading us to our destination. It is the Arts & Design Library’s pleasure to open its door to young aspiring creatives helping them see the world as a great piece of art made by a Wonderful Designer.

STUDIO SHARING - Ideal space for freelancers & students in meeting clients or finishing projects. The studio has a Library that contains magazines, books, portfolio & catalogues on arts & design. Internet connection is also available to keep members on line to do further research & communicate with their clients. 

GALLERY - A launch pad for young creatives. It is an exhibit venue for artists, designers and photographers.  

WORKSHOP - Training center of arts & designs. It offers workshop on Graphic Design, Web Design & Photography. 


A collection of books on Logo, Print & Typography Design:
● The Big Book of Logos
● Great Graphic Design on A Budget
● Type Specific

Enjoy & get inspiration from these art books, catalogues & folio:
● Pitik Bulag
● Graphika Manila 2012 Book
● Sardinas Advertising Student Folio 2010
● DM-Designs in Missions
● 2009 Cannes Lion Advertising Catalogue

● Guide to Digital Photography

Here are some  available local & interntaional titles:
● HOW Magazine
● PRINT Magazine
● ADOBO Magazine
● Contemporary Art
● Digital Photography Philippines

The Arts & Design Library (ADLIB) accepts
book donations. Kindly contact Ryan for more details.

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