Saturday, August 18, 2012

Galal Art Exhibit Opening Night

Galal Art Exhibit Opening Night
August 18, 2012

Kaleidoscope is an instrument where one can view different patterns of colors & shape. But despite its beauty, only one person can see it at a time; you can’t share what you see with others. Sometimes, that is the case for our local artists. What is art if it can’t be shared? What is a message if it can’t be communicated? The Galal Art Exhibit simply wants to do that; to share the artworks of our Kapampangan artist to the public. The exhibit hopes to give a platform to up & coming kapampangan artists and to become a showcase of what the local art scene is.

The exhibit features 15 Kapampangan Artists who strive to establish their respective careers in the Arts. Their works are done in oil, acrylic, water color & mixed media using various styles and techniques. The Prin couple paints nature in impressionist style, the Pererras siblings; Eduardo, Eliseo, Eric & Edu, work on presenting daily grind in cubism & realism. On the other hand Aries Tiglao’s works represents local scene with stylized objects in clean & flat colors while Jonathan Castro’s works are conceptual using religious icons in an unconventional way. Other featured artists are: Nick Cunan, Arnel Garcia, Pat Mendoza, Joseph Prin, Nards Tulabut, Ner Vitug and Jojoy Zabala.

The Galal Art Exhibit is presented by Arts Design Library together with Galal Art Promotion Center, an organization founded by Mr.& Mrs. Rem Prin to assist kapampangan artists and promote their works.

The exhibit will run from August 18-Sept. 18 2012 at the Arts & Design Library, Unit 204, 2F, Brickyard Arcade, Greenfields Square, Greenfields, Sindalan City of San Fernando.

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